Prayers for the Victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines

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Add Prayer Request | Prayers for Help0February 8, 2016View Details
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John0September 12, 2014View Details
Untitled0September 12, 2014View Details
KifoplNoHOjDktnqK0August 25, 2014View Details
Untitled0March 26, 2014View Details
I just loved your blog thanks0February 1, 2014View Details
recovery6November 13, 2013View Details
Guimaras missing7November 13, 2013View Details
Iloilo missing6November 13, 2013View Details
Antique missing4November 13, 2013View Details
Capiz missing5November 13, 2013View Details
Cebu missing5November 13, 2013View Details
Quezon4November 13, 2013View Details
Batangas2November 13, 2013View Details
Palawan victims2November 13, 2013View Details
Misamis Occidental2November 13, 2013View Details
Masbate2November 13, 2013View Details
Camarines Norte2November 13, 2013View Details
Iloilo victims2November 13, 2013View Details
Aklan victims2November 13, 2013View Details
Capiz victims2November 13, 2013View Details
Antique victims2November 13, 2013View Details
Cebu victims2November 13, 2013View Details
Bohol3November 13, 2013View Details
pray to find the missing persons in tacloban4November 13, 2013View Details
Zamboanga City 2November 13, 2013View Details
Surigao del sur2November 13, 2013View Details
For the victims of typhoon Yolanda5November 12, 2013View Details
pray3November 11, 2013View Details
prayer for the dead4November 11, 2013View Details
for the typhoon victims8November 11, 2013View Details